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Record Pressing Austin Texas

Record Pressing is making a comeback. According to Nielson Ratings from 2008, 1.8 million were sold last year – read Record Pressing.

If you’re looking to have 100 or so vinyl, CDmaker can help.

7″ Vinyl Pricing – priced per unit

100 200 300 400 500
10.34 5.57 3.97 3.20 2.71

All Vinyl Pressings Include:

Record Pressing Austin

Record Pressing Austin

  • Reference acetate
  • Master Lacquers
  • Stampers
  • 5 Test pressings
  • Black and white label (1000 minimum)
  • Add $0.10 each for 1 PMS colors, $0.20 each for 2 PMS colors, $0.39 ea. for 3 PM colors or full color.
  • Protective white paper sleeves

7” pressings come with small or large center hole

To order:

  • Order form – note large or small hole in special instructions
  • IPR form
  • Single Master on a CDR
  • Track List showing split between Side A and B
  • Artwork file for the black and white label
  • 75% deposit

** In process of adding forms, so if you get this and you can’t download the forms yet, please use the contact form to tell us where to send them to you.

To read a little more about how much music can fit on each side – record pressing vinyl pressing entry.

Call (512) 388-1998

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